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A Guide to Help Parents Raise Hard Working, Respectful, and Well-behaved Children While Avoiding Entitlement!

  • Features Real Stories From Parents About Their Struggles and Success!
  • How to Open Family Communication!
  • How to Teach Manners and Respect!
  • How to Effectively Discipline and Make Reward and Rule Charts!
  • Conquering the Bedtime Routine and Potty Training!
  • 5 Step War Plan For Taking Your House Back From Your Kids!
  • Shocking Entitlement Trends and Statistics!
  • 22 Detailed Lessons and Stories For Parents of Young Children and Teens!

PARENTS: A great way to teach real life skills to your teens and young adults!

  • How to ace a job interview
  • How to choose college and a career
  • Buying a car and insurance
  • How to drive safely
  • Renting and buying real estate
  • How to use with credit cards
  • Paying taxes and voting
  • How to build relationships and contacts
  • How to make Smart Decisions
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